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cranes of ibykus - history

"Cranes Of Ibykus" was born in the last days of 2007. Four musicians (Dirty Dave, Mr.A, Dr. Tom, Curly J.), who played in different bands where on the search for something new. Our former bands played different genres, but our first jam sessions showed us in which direction we would raise our sails. A band with hard guitar sounds combined with dancing basslines, a quaky drumset and grungy voice with damn hard screams, always enjoying to work on new stuff in our so called "crane's nest" So here we are - Everyday on the prowl for new gigs to perform a good show and make your bodies move! We will meet our obligations - Now it's your turn!



dirty dave - vocals

mr. a - guitar, screams

dr. tom - bass, backing vocals
curly j.

curly j. - drums